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Half of all money made will be given back to help others that just wanna give.

We are constantly adding and updating, so please bear with us as we get everything up and running

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  • Haiku 11
    You will have good daysAnd you will have worse days stillJust keep on moving
  • Yonder lighthouse
    Stranded with no place left to goYou may think of calling this place home.There is nothing here to […]
  • Haiku 10
    In the times of peaceWe need to build ourselves upAnd each other too
  • Of Change
    Just as the hurricanes violently destroyChaos is the force change will employChange rarely comes from the coyNeither does […]
  • Of Reparations
    I have a thought about reparationsAbout race and money separationsA thing happened 400 years agoAfricans were chained toe […]
  • The Knee That Does Not Bend
    I kneel before no god’s handNor no man of any other landFor I am one with the universeWith […]