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Half of all money made will be given back to help others that just wanna give.

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  • Wonder (or Haiku 12)
    Wonder at this worldPonder the meaning of itBut dont stop moving
  • Haiku 11
    You will have good daysAnd you will have worse days stillJust keep on moving
  • Yonder lighthouse
    Stranded with no place left to goYou may think of calling this place home.There is nothing here to […]
  • The Inescapable Storm
    As I sit here staring at the rainA past lesson floods into my brain2015 was the year Wilma […]
  • The Special One
    There was a child emotionally unavailableBut intellectually he was quite capableHe memorized every book on the shelfBut always […]
  • Of Change
    Just as the hurricanes violently destroyChaos is the force change will employChange rarely comes from the coyNeither does […]