Transfer of Knowledge

So my people, I was thinking at the gym during my workout just now. The Transfer of Knowledge, should be a great milestone of existence yea? I mean knowledge, and the retention and the usage of knowledge, is a major component of civilization yea? We pass things down from generation to generation but why? Do we hope it will make life easier down the road for someone? Do we do it just because its what we do? I mean it is automatic yea? You may learn something from someone who does not really intend for someone to learn what he is doing. So just the simple act of being human gives us some innate right to learn whatever we choose to learn.

With technology the way it is today, we can teach anyone around the world whatever we wish. I love this idea. I have a fascination of languages. Duolingo is wonderful for dabbing into languages from beginners to experts. I highly recommend it if you ever just wanna learn a bit hear and there. No commitment, no money if you dont want to.

Learning is so much fun when we enjoy it. Ya be good and have a Blessed day.