My Covid temp check short story of the day.

He ran, jumping old tree remnants that have fallen. Running faster, jumping farther he kept pushing on. He was sure by his next step he would get hit something. Anything could be thrown to hit him and and knock him for his course, and he knew what was chasing him had the ability to throw objects very fast. Getting away was all he could hope to do. Running. Jumping. Dodging…… All came naturally to him and he did them well. Even as far as he’s gone already, he knew he could go on countless times past that. His breathing would be a little more than resting if not for the ever present fear of getting caught or hit.

Running. Jumping. But not dodging. This time his misstep cost him, but only with a slap from a low hanging branch like the ones he would have to pick for his mom when he got in trouble for not picking up his trash in his bedroom. As the little droplets of blood slid down his check he started remembering where he was. There are landmarks everywhere when you’ve played woods your whole life. He couldn’t get to hopeful now but he was almost there.

Just a few more steps and he’s be out of the woods. Home. Safety was there with his mother and father. Both together would save him from this foul situation he has found himself in, on his own accord. It’s true. This was his fault but he’s just a kid and can’t shouldn’t be expect to save him from monsters twice his size.

Yes! Out of the woods. Now across the yard he goes. Feet faster. Breathing heavy. Sweat pouring. Muscles aching. Suddenly pain was all he felt. Severe pain, making his entire left leg hurt. He was hit and he knew it. The force of the impact on his upper hamstring bruised his leg instantly and knocked him to the ground causing countless other pains from the fall. He lay face down in the the grass he knew so well. This was his yard. He almost made it and now it’s over.

As the pain slowly died down, IT stood over him, panting and wheezing. Then it kicked him in the side and said “next time you hit me in the back with something I’m going to whoop your ass and throw you out our bedroom window….punk.”