Mind over matter

During and after a rather strenuous workout Saturday evening I shared some thoughts between my buddy.

There are many facets to working out. Technology and common human trial and error has given us solutions to many of our fitness questions. The majority is do I want to be stronger and lift dump trucks off the road in a bout of rage, or do I want to look like what the Greeks sculpted their gods/goddesses to look like?

Now I’ve almost always just stuck with strong. I’m 6’5” 300lbs currently. I’ve weighed over 260lbs for about 15 years minus a couple while I was enlisted. I’ve built strength, or simply WORKED OUT to be strong always. It seems simpler enough I thought; I’ll just pick this weight up more and more then I’ll get to this weight that’s heavier, which is a basic version of it, and to an extent it worked.

Now recently I’ve been interested in going for size as opposed to strength. This seems odd to me still that they are not the same to an extent, or so research is telling me. Yes me going into the gym and squatting 2 to 3 to 4 hundred pounds about 15-20 times in total is fine; you might be sore for a bit then repeat the process next week until you’re squatting 3 quarter ton trucks for breakfast. Now I’m a big boy with some fat on my bones and let me tell you, training for SIZE???!!! My muscles are sore about the same after the initial shock this is true, but while exercising I’ve never been out of breath as much as I am not during and after sets and my muscles have never been on fire anywhere close than they are now.

I take detailed notes at the gym to give myself some data and with my size workout we did over 250 reps PER muscle. I don’t mean 250 on arms and 250 on legs. I mean 250 on the inner quads, or Vastus Medialis alone and 250 reps on just biceps, brachialis and brachii, while also doing 1-2 hundred on triceps .

For fear of making this too long this early in the morning, all I can say is you will need to push yourself to your brink every time. Being sore sucks but feeling good and looking great does not suck. Y’all have a blessed day and be well.