A Frightening Revelation

He points to the house and asks
If I can see past all the masks
But I see and feel nothing crazy
Then my vision goes all hazy
As he gives me more tasks

“Do you feel anything here?”
As if I’m some sort of sightseer
But I do sense agony on site
As if there was some blight
Then we walk to the rear

As I come to the cattle lands
I touch the rails with my hands
A heavy burden push down
I feel like I’m about to drown
And drop into the cold sands

Visions of death and decay
Fires that burn it all away
Thousands of cattle dead
All of them sick in the head
Death the mad cow way

As the pain overwhelms me
I am barely able to give my plea
For it all to stop and disappear
“Relieve me of their great fear”
And all the death that I can see

The man touches my forearm
And tells me of no need to alarm
That he is my guardian angel
And that I gave him a new angle
About this little cattle farm

I awaken from my nightmare
And at my ceiling, I just stare
Wondering if this was cognition
Or some weird premonition
that I need to know where

Six months later, thousands die
Fires burn them right as they lie
Many a cattle were lost then
And the pain came back again
As I watched the smoky sky