The Awakening

Most of her life was in a slumber
But then she saw an angel number
As she began to open her eyes
She started to undeniably realize
That her life had been quite somber

As she became more blissfully aware
Her gifts manifested almost everywhere
First she felt vibrations of crystals
Then visions firing like little pistols
And they got stronger from there

She felt connected to the source of all
And followed the universe’s subtle call
Everything was now great in her life
She got degreed and became a wife
She was great and was having a ball

Then came the dark night of the soul
For a solid year she was dark as coal
She no longer felt presence of the One
It felt as if everything had been undone
As if she was spiraling in a black hole

Then finally she realized the reason
For the dark night’s ugly treason
There were many issues to purge
So that her powers further surge
For that, the dark had to squeeze in

As she realized she was in the dark
She was forced to confront the mark
That mark scarred by her karmic past
But her work was precise and fast
And she once again felt her soul spark

Then she entered into the void stage
Where it’s not quite time to re-engage
Because purging karma requires rest
So that she can rise to be her best
With wisdom and power; a great sage

She then went into the grounding phase
Her gifts and power began to raise
But this time more grounded in reality
Manifestations came in more easily
Her life was no longer filled with haze

Then finally, she came into her purpose
She was no longer anxious of nervous
Walking in the path of her life mission
Unhindered by any external condition
With her energetic body in great surplus