The Call

As a kid I felt the spirit’s call
But as an adult came the fall
The dream to preach deferred
But recently, to me, it occurred
That I still had that damn call

But it wasn’t to Christian preach
Instead all metaphysics to teach
As I woke from spiritual slumber
I learned my life path number
Passing on wisdom is my outreach

You see, the message reoccurred
In so many lucid dreams deferred
In dream after dream, I am a leader
One who is a great freedom feeder
This all may seem quite absurd

In a past life that may not be on Earth
I was rune maker of home and hearth
That occurrence was passed as a dream
But then came the one of leading a team
A single war mage of the highest worth

The more I resisted the spiritual call
The more I saw all my life plans stall
Eventually ideas from wisdom stirred
No longer was the call to be deferred
Once I glimpsed into the Akashic hall

I know now that teaching is my gift
To pass wisdom to bridge the rift
As the planet begins to awaken
My path will be hard and shaken
But I must no longer defer my gift

As I step forward to lead the charge
I hope to help the masses at large
To help guide them to awakening
As the shift seems to be hastening
Then we will help the earth recharge

Let me be testament to a dream deferred
And my knowledge be thus transferred
That others can stand on my shoulders
Without stumbling over the boulders
To leave the dimension we called third