The God of War

To Christians and Muslims the same
One true God, just a different name
They believe in him ever so blindly
But their actions are not so kindly
There is no winner in this game

Let us begin with the Crusades
Fighting in the holy land decades
Many many lives lost for a land
That is full of God damn sand
To other religions throw shades

Now let’s move on to the trial
We all know. There’s no denial
That blind faith led to much death
Burned, hanged, or loss of breath
Malleus Maleficarum. Book so vile

Some sixty thousand witches slain
Because men had something to gain
Following blindly, they couldn’t see
That the church wanted controlability
And that, with witches, went in vain

How can they believe they are correct
When the Bible had a great disconnect
It tells similar stories to other religions
But those predate it more than a smidgen
Of course Christians will always deflect

The lesson here is obviously clear
They hear what they want to hear
And to blindly follow something
Means you don’t see everything
And blindness leads to great fear.