The Great Deceit

Well, let’s just get right to the meat
And talk about all of the deceit
About how big pharma is being snide
Vaccines made with formaldehyde
But its not even safe for us to eat

The wolves disguised as sheep
Priests molesting the little peep.
Holidays placed to hide others
(From a religion that smothers)
With believers in way too deep

Which brings us to the danger
Religions that bring fear and anger
The Malleus Maleficarum book
Aimed at every cranny and nook
To get the witches on the hook

The “Church” needs to be in control
But that’s not how the witches roll
So the church dropped the hammer
To put all the witches in the slammer
But failed to wipe witchcraft as a whole

That is why witches were so feared
That when their name was smeared
Not only did they refuse to let go
But with men they went toe to toe
They were more powerful than appeared

Everywhere we look, deceit is there
There is even enough of it to spare
The witches know all too well
But they fought and never fell
Without them we don’t have a prayer