The Immortal Guru

He gave the council a contract
In which he wanted to enact
They agreed to allow it to be
For a new life for him to see
Hopefully he’s not sidetracked

The moment came for him
As the sperm made the swim
On conception, he became
Entering into the Earth game
To parents who loved him

The incarnation of the soul
Into the earth school to enroll
What lesson was to be learned
Before his body is to be burned
Or the elements took their toll

Upon birth his memory erased
To remember he must make haste
And awaken inside this matrix
While the others play tricks
Ad not let this life go to waste

You see he chose to be born
He started on a life of scorn
But eventually found the path
That his contract did hath
All before he was too worn

He became a hatha yoga guru
And lived a life pure and true
He help many people find peace
And grow old with great ease
But then his contract was through

He was completely done and ready
He had finally reached Mahasamadhi
He had acquired the keys to light
And released his soul that night
He joined consciousness for eternity