The Keeper of the Flame

The kids play ring around the rosy
As adults snuggle and get all cozy
Golden flames rise from the fire
Expanding thought and desire
The occasional boop on the nosy

The fires and the dotted star lights
Are the joys of these cold winter nights
‘Tis what we call the snuggle weather
When its just cold enough for a sweater
With the absence of mosquito bites

As she stares at the magical flames
The mighty fire she subtly tames
Radiating warmth to the others
Learned from the earth mothers
The fire moves where she aims

With the human witches they stay
But their magic comes from the fae
Taught to bring warmth and light,
They brighten the darkest of night
Protecting us from the icy decay

Symbiosis between worlds chained
Is why the fae are human trained
Without one the other will fall
A few brave fae answer the call
So that the balance is sustained

Their path is filled with great strife
But they are the protectors of life
Keeping both worlds warm and cozy
The worlds’ many secrets knows she
To which her skills are sharp and rife