The Nightwalker and the Wolf

Esha, with your flowing brown curls,
You’re one of those vampire girls.
The solid rock that gives support.
Hugs from you don’t fall short.
You’re more precious than pearls.

Your beauty rivals that of Aphrodite.
Your sister thinks you’re quite mighty,
Even if you don’t really see all that.
You got Gryffindor from the sorting hat,
Due to your bravery and loyalty

For your birthday, a poetic fantasy.
One of wolf and vampire valency.
Stories of vampire and wolf abound,
But we shall spin the genre around.
One that ends in spiritual amnesty.

It all started when Jupiter came,
To curse the mortal by full name.
For Atticus Marcus had killed,
And his sins were to be billed.
And only he was truly to blame.

In all his hatred for the facades,
He had stolen from the gods,
And killed innocent people.
In the street and the steeple,
A curse was unanimous by nods.

As Jupiter carried out the curse,
Atticus’ body became perverse.
The man had become a beast,
But he was still alive at least.
Lonely lands he would traverse.

After 300 years, he got another chance,
When he met a vampire from France.
By accident they fell deeply in love.
The night walker became his dove,
As they entered a unholy romance.

For another 500 years they tried,
But couldn’t leave the other’s side.
Each night they would lie together,
Dreading when they cross the nether,
And their existence be nullified.

One day seemingly out of the blue,
Their predicament was given a clue.
Came the prophecy of the soul fire,
A pairing that would become dire,
What night stalker and the wolf do.

The prophecy tells of a great shift.
Two bloods flowing into the rift.
Activating the ancient glyph wards,
To cool the planet going forwards,
And slowing the continental drift.

Fulling the prophecy was the quest,
And they vowed to do their very best.
Years were spent finding the place.
Even using satellites in orbital space,
But eventually they found the nest.

Hidden deep under glacial ice sheets,
They found a sequence that repeats.
They knew they had found the rift,
So they packed up and made swift.
They traveled with a group of elites.

They made their way into the ice cave,
So that all of humanity they could save.
Upon entering the inner corridor,
A sign read “chamber of the sorcerer”.
They saw images of an ancient conclave.

With glyphs in their super human sight,
They move in closer to perform the rite.
As daggers slide across their hands,
They read the ancient commands.
Causing the glyphs to emanate light.

A beam of light shoots into the sky.
The wolf is no longer the bad guy.
As the CO2 is absorbed into the light,
The event is a spectacle of eye sight,
And catches that of Jupiter’s eye.

As global cooling is set in motion,
Jupiter has one hell of a notion,
To release the man from the beast
From his curse he shall be released,
And to a god be given the promotion.

Atticus now redeemed and thus free
Would see the heavens ever so lovely.
With Esha by his purely human side,
In with the gods they will now slide.
Once a beast, now with spiritual amnesty.