The Pragmatic Otorhinolaryngologist

I heard about an otorhinolaryngologist
The doctor was extremely pissed
For his patient had an obsession
Sadistic in each painful session
I’m sure you get the very gist

Being the pragmatic thinker type
The doctor was used to swap swipe
To test for ear, nose, or throat disease
But his patient was just a gross sleaze
The doctor jus didn’t see the hype

Sympathy was the doctors true gift
So you can see why he was so miffed
Being sensual was his main game
To hurt would bring him much shame
Between the two was a bit of a rift

But the story gets better from here
The patient was an androgynous dear
Female up top, male down below
The patient had the whole show
Tits and a schlong to be perfectly clear

Sadism aside, one thing was absolute
The patient was a hilarious lil hoot
With pick up lines and jokes a plenty
(S)he was actually a spark of divinity
Perfect in a miniskirt or even in a suit

With big gorgeous eyes like emerald
(s)he could leave a room utterly leveled
A unique flower in the land of the free
A mosaic of masculine and female divinity
And quite a hell of a seductive little devil

But the doctor was still so conflicted
His morals had become contradicted
Oh the aporia of labeling her a she
Because some parts made him a he
But doc gave in and became addicted