The Unintended Mother

Pregnant before she was sixteen
Because of with who she mixed in
unenthusiastically washing dishes
All those failed dreams and wishes
Time came and the baby was seen

Suddenly all those dreams faded
She no longer felt lost and jaded
The tiny little angel reminded her
That even mistakes that occur
Can give us a life greatly upgraded

As daughter grew up and moved out
She became the best without doubt
A master of her incredible field
As Her PhD was eagerly fulfilled
But she had secret motives about

Rewinding to when the girl was ten
She found her mother’s dream bin
For all the failed dreams were saved
And the young girl’s heart caved
But after emotional tears, a slight grin

An ingenious plan had been hatched
To absorb all like a lawn dethatched
She would spend years planning
While her knowledge was spanning
And from her mother so dethatched

The plan was quite simple and neat
All those failed dreams she’d meet
But with her mother by her side
Together, experience the full ride
The “mistake” had finally turned sweet