The Witches’ Runes

I gaze upon the water from the hill
Everything is so unnaturally still
Lightning and thunder start to hit
I fear there’s about to be some shit
The calm before the storm I feel

On second glance I see lit runes
Summoning witches’ typhoons
Evil has corrupted the lands
Tis now in the witches’ hands
To destroy the evil tycoons

The runes rise into the sky
And lightning strikes from high
The elite tycoons’ armies fall
Lightning jumps like a ball
The tycoons’ time is nigh

When the shit hits the fan
Rises the witches of the land
The sisters of earth and moon
Elemental forces released soon
Under their perfect little plan

When the earth is in pain
Witches remove the stain
And they don’t give a damn
Even if you are their fam
Evil you won’t do again

Remember the lesson here
Witches hold the land dear
And come to her very aid
When evil is fully conveyed
There’s not much they fear