Thompson and the Dog part 1

Thompson, on his way home late one night, is on the phone. One the other end of that phone call is one mad lady.

Now this lady she is mad that much is true,
But for Thompson there was naught he could do.
This lass is the type to throw feelings at the drop of a dime,
And all Thompson could do was give it a little time.

They are in love you see. It may not be “developed”, and some may call it “puppy” love, but to them you see, it is real. We can’t discredit how they feel because we may have “been through this” ourselves. They feel every bit of love, and sadness, and “neglect” just as much as developed relationships, but theirs is a rollercoaster. Everything they feel is multiplied infinitely because they are new to love. They need time to figure out how it works. They will be fine, trust me.

When Thompson and the lass are together the world doesn’t move,
But when they are apart, to each other, everything they must prove.

Now being on the phone, both upset about how they can’t always be together, Thompson needs to pull over. He knows he is distracted. He sees the hazards and aims to eliminate them. He gets out and sits on his tailgate until they can both tell each they love each other enough that they actually believe it. After a couple of minutes that time has come. They each say they love each other and tomorrow can’t come fast enough.

After he hangs up, he hears a sound. It’s not a normal sound you would hear on a dark highway going through the woods in the middle of the night, so he investigates. It’s not far in the woods until he finds it. It’s a dog. A little skinny from lack of food but no worse for wear. The dog, which Thompson notices is a boy, seems a little odd to him. It seems to react in ways that someone would if your were having a conversation. It seems the dog is a little more expressive than a normal dog. Strange indeed. But let’s proceed.

Now Thompson has found a dog in need. 
But who needs whom more?
For both of them, what lies in store?
To the end of this tale you must read
So to the next part we will proceed.