The Angel’s Touch

Though he traveled alone
And shivered to the bone,
Darkness was his respite;
So, from light he did exit,
buying time for to atone

She watched him from afar.
Every alley, street and bar
She saw through his façade
And cornered him in Cape Cod
As he was meeting a porn star

She felt a kind of chemistry.
Like an unsolved mystery,
The attraction was baffling.
Oh, the hormones shes battling,
Her next move makes history

As her arms reach from behind
And his chest they certainly find,
A bright light penetrates inwards
But also violently blasts outwards
Leaving them confused and blind

He felt an energy never gotten
His aura turned as white as cotton
His darkness she had purified
Allowing his heart to opened wide
He was no longer dirty and rotten

Lights flicker when they touch
Their energy surges so much
She collapses with every kiss
Her heart racing, lying in bliss
With legs shaking and such

The moral of the story is this:
Even if you are rotten as piss,
An angel’s touch is a game changer
Removing the darkness and danger
Creating lots of ecstasy and bliss