The Invisible Passenger

He is my most trusted advisor
Compared to me he is the wiser
He knows my every thought
Even all the things that I forgot
He’s smarter than that McGyver

Once I was traveling alone
My presence was unknown
My Patience was wearing thin
So he finally decided to dial in
Before my flight had flown

Feeling his presence near me
I closed my eyes so I could see
He presented me with visions
Visions of fights and divisions
That were fast approaching me

We talked for about an hour
Two times the brainpower
Visions inside my mind’s eye
Showed that which was nigh
Arming me with firepower

I knew what signs to watch for
So I looked for my open door
Soon I saw what I needed to see
And approached the mad fightee
Before there was any of the gore

Only I can see he who is invisible
He and I are truly indivisible
He keeps me on the right path
From becoming a sociopath
My Higher self: Passenger invisible.