The Regression

Let me tell you a fantastic story
An adventure of magic and glory
A saga about a necromancer of night
A despicable creature named Dwight
But no elves dressed whorey

Now that the backstory is set
Into my past regression we get
To get deep into this trance
I thought of the walrus dance
And an ice cream quartet

As the higher vibrations begin
A blue-ish purple portal sets in
As I step into the watery portal
I realize it’s actually a wormhole
Which dropped me near a war pen

I soon realize that I am in a war
Without pause, I loudly roar
And rush to a seven foot orc
Putting my magics to work
And then the ground up and tore

A truce between races was struck
But soon we ran out of good luck
After days of stillness and peace
Hatred was on a fast increase
And then came back all the muck

The evil Dwight raised souls from hell
To pile the dead into his evil sex cell
His fetish: deformed toes and necrophilia
Spanned across the human and reptilila
But served him in his sinister spell

Incantations charged his man seed
To create an enhanced undead breed
One that can not easily be stopped
Thus the great war he did concoct
Only for his insatiable sexual need

As the undead horde descended
The humans and elves pretended
That they were hereby oblivious
To he who was ever so devious
And left the walls undefended

As the mighty castle was overran
So started phase one of the plan
Unknown to Dwight, we had planted
Many boxes of disposium enchanted
Before the main undead rush began

As the dreaded creatures got near
I gripped my staff’s crystal sphere
“Ek tu grok skret mi posk tuuk tet”
I uttered. then staff and ground met
Channeling the entire atmosphere

As my staff forcefully detonated
A shockwave rapidly emanated
A chain reaction of disposium
Created an undead symposium
As the land became consecrated

I knew then why I regressed here
To awaken inside me the sightseer
The remembering my days as a sage
Days of me being the great war mage
So that I may elevate to a higher tier