Sunday March 7 Positive Post

Picture of Cinnamon.

Everyone knows this spice! On its own, boy is it tough to consume. Have you ever seen that challenge? Well I tried it at the behest of my wife. I don’t advise it even if you are as large as I am.

Two major types of cinnamon are:

  • Cassia- If you live in the States, this is probs what you are using. Mostly grown in Asia.
  • Ceylon or “True” Cinnamon- Used more often in other countries outside the US.

Health Benefits

Can help with diabetes, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and even IBS. Studies show that it can help with Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, HIV, infection, tooth decay, and even allergies.

If you are looking for extra umph on an ailment, you may try adding cinnamon. Be careful not to eat too much!

I hope this has been informative. Have a Blessed day!