A Man with a Pebble in His Shoe.

There once was a man with a pebble in his shoe,
Everyone told him not to worry about it.
It was just a small pebble they’d say,
And to leave it alone because taking it out would slow him down.
So he left it in at their behest.
After a week, the man could no longer work because the pebble made his foot swell and he could no longer wear his shoe. Because he could not wear his shoe, he could not work. Because he could not work, he could not afford the things he needed.
His friend, seeing how far he had fallen,
Offered him some advice. “Please take the pebble out of your shoe, dear friend, it has turned into a Boulder.” See no one but himself and his dear friend could see the pebble was actually a Boulder. Everyone else saw only a pebble.
He took the pebble out of his shoe because he knew his friend cared for him and he trusted him.
He got better and went back to work.
Now when someone else at work gets a pebble in their shoe and is told to not worry about it, the man tells them to learn from his mistake and fix it, because when others see pebbles, it might be boulders.