Positive Post March 11

There is a skill that I believe everyone needs.

This skill is easy enough to use. You don’t have to build anything, read anything, study anything, or even put any complex thought in it whatsoever.

This skill will open your mind, heart , and soul to a new way of dealing with and tackling problems. This skill makes you healthier indirectly through positive vibes. This skill can put you in a meditative state close to instantly and will last as long as you have the time. That skill is…

Stopping to smell the “roses”.

Just slowing down, closing your eyes and thinking of absolutely nothing but the smell can do wonders. I say roses because what you are smelling may not be roses. It may be mint, cinnamon, or even Rosemary. Just replace roses with whatever you have.

There is a problem with society. We are away from nature. We forced ourselves away. We came from nature and will return there one day. We have developed NDD, Nature Deficit Disorder, and it shows in our daily lives.

Please, go outside and use them noses. Wonders are shown when you stop to smell the roses.

Y’all have a blessed day and be well.