The man who worked too fast.

So I work with a man. He is a good man, a moral man, a fast man. This man is a “work your butt off” kinda man. He never slows down, not even to eat. he is a vital asset to a company that only considers office jobs vital assets, but his job is more important. Even beyond this mans ability to make sure this plant stays running, he is indirectly a teacher, giving everyone of us here a lesson we should all abide by, and be weary of……

When we do everything as quickly as this man, our lives are put in danger. Physically, we all know working too fast invites injury to our dining room table and then our bed. There is another danger though. A danger just as bad as physical; and that danger is loss.

We lose our humanity bit by bit. We miss what life is showing us, and it is not speed. Once you stop and see the world at 25 mph, that 70 mph lifestyle fades. You will learn more about yourself and the world and that’s what’s important

Not being the first to the finish line, but making sure we ALL make it to the finish line.

So don’t be a “get it done quickly”!kinda man livin’ life as fast as you can, Slow it down and enjoy the day, And life life the better way.