Of Reparations

I have a thought about reparations
About race and money separations
A thing happened 400 years ago
Africans were chained toe to toe
And then brought to the U.S.A.
Reparations are considered today
I bring forth a idea from 1879
Separation of the church kind

You see the fathers had foresight
They knew religion starts a fight
This is why religion is not in schools
Its not that religion is for the fools
Instead, its to protect from all of them
Lets consider all U.S. religious limbs
At least 310 religions in this land
Isn’t that something quite grand

Now consider allowing religion in school
To do so, you would be quite the fool
Because if you allow just one inside
With all of them you have to abide
Now. Do you see the can of worms
Reparations has the exact same terms
If we allow reparations for one group
Then all have to allowed into the loop

Let me give you few examples of this
Native Americans evicted into the abyss
All the land that was taken from them
The trail of tears was an event so grim
60 thousand women burned at the stake
Alleged “witches” killed. That pontiff snake!
As you can see, reparation is very bad idea
As bad as a can of worms with gonorrhea

With all the above, being thus far said,
You want reparations, go right ahead
But be prepared to pay every single one
And let the U.S.A be rapidly undone
But don’t get me wrong though
Certain things are a big no no
Actions must be accounted for
The Bible says 7 years. No more.

Deuteronomy 15, verse one.
That was written for everyone.
At the end of the seventh year
All debts must be totally clear
So why, then, even consider
Four hundred years earlier?

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