The Inescapable Storm

As I sit here staring at the rain
A past lesson floods into my brain
2015 was the year Wilma came
Much destruction was her blame
She brought the hurricane’s bane

That Monday morning I wake to see
Hurricane dumping tons of the sea
Trees bent to their breaking point
The house shaking at every joint
Yet there’s nowhere else I can be

The oppressive winds loosen the hold
But the rain is still falling, ever so cold
I open the door to see the leftover mess
I was worried of other’s deaths, I confess,
But gathered my strength and grew bold

I make my way through all the debris
There were many a downed trees
Street lights and power lines dangling
Wind chimes were very much jangling
Wilma came, but here, she was a tease

The next few months were of rebuilding
But the Floridians were not yielding
The city was built better that it was
Which is what a people usually does
When they loose all their shielding

Then I remembered of the pine tree
A marvelous example of rebirth to see
For when the temperature thus rises,
The cone opens because it recognizes
It is time for the seeds to up and flee

But this is only part of the pine’s greatness
Because even though the tree is brainless
It knows when it needs to release the seed
Especially when the fires increase in speed
In its lasts moments, the tree gets courageous

You see, the temperature is raised by fire
So when the situation becomes quite dire
The pine tree opens its cones into the wind
So that, in time, to new tree life, it can extend
This story is meant to be one to inspire

There are times when storms are inevitable
At some point, they are even inescapable
But whether by raging fire or hurricane rain
There is so much potential for great gain
For once the old is cleared, new life is capable