The Special One

There was a child emotionally unavailable
But intellectually he was quite capable
He memorized every book on the shelf
But always kept quietly, all to himself.
To be misunderstood was unescapable

This child had an IQ of a hundred eighty
At 6, he explained the theory of relativity
He was said to be on the spectrum
As he marched to his own drum
He was a genius but had no human empathy

When a child’s mind is wired differently
We have to proceed ever so gently
A mind so brilliant, usually lacks emotion
Normal triggers to him is like an explosion
So we listen and watch him intently

A beautiful mind has much to offer us
Even if at normal things it tends to fuss
We need to protect and nurture that mind
For, after all, he is still of our very own kind
A thing we really shouldn’t have to discuss