About Charles

Hello my name is Charles!

I am a 34 year old returning college student living in south Arkansas. I have a beautiful wife named Kimberly, who is an elementary school art teacher, and two foster-to-adopt boys, Terry and Tyler.

We have 5 pets

My overall goal here is to provide worthwhile entertainment, even if its just from a short poem to an entire movie review to videos of me doing stuff. A main focus of mine is to give back to those who give to me, and to give things of importance to people who might need it. I love animals and would love to help shelters with necessities. Because I am not a greedy person, i am comfortable giving away half of all I make. A major component of my life philosophy is to help everyone i can in any way i can. Whatever revenue i make from this blog, if any, I intend to give back to people an animals that need as well.