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Mind over matter

During and after a rather strenuous workout Saturday evening I shared some thoughts between my buddy. There are many facets to working out. Technology and common human trial and error has given us solutions to many of our fitness questions. The majority is do I want to be stronger and lift dump trucks off the…

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Inner quad “tear-drop” workout

So i just got back from the gym with @joshuat8458. We did an inner quad workout that sets the inner quad muscles, vastus medialis, and i have got to say, even the slightest bend in the leg makes me feel like im going to fall. We are talking three exercises with four sets of 20-25…

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Strength or Size??

Oh the perils of a 43 yr old getting back into the gym-er. When I turned 40, I said to myself, man I still feel like a man in his 20’s! And I … Strength or Size??

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So I went to the gym last night with my buddy, @joshuat8458458 last night. We decided to put ourselves into as much pain as possible and do over 240 reps of bicep exercises and over 130 reps of tricep exercises. After it was all said and done, after the pain subsided, the burning faded, i…

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