Short Stories

The Special One

There was a child emotionally unavailableBut intellectually he was quite capableHe memorized every book on the shelfBut always kept quietly, all to himself.To be misunderstood…

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The Wild One

She was the one they called wild.Labeled when she’s still a child.“Shes a witch” they cried out.She was different. No doubt.But her history has been…

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The Regression

Let me tell you a fantastic storyAn adventure of magic and gloryA saga about a necromancer of nightA despicable creature named DwightBut no elves dressed…

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The Call

As a kid I felt the spirit’s callBut as an adult came the fallThe dream to preach deferredBut recently, to me, it occurredThat I still…

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Gorgon Nomore

Medusa with your head of snakes,Perseus is there for Zeus’ sake!With his reflective shield up highYour death has become quite nighAnd now your head is…

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The snowball

“Hey Charles, look at this snowball. It’s JUMONGUS!” Terry said to me. (He still calls me by my first name because we haven’t adopted him…

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